Hey Papa — The partner birth preparation course

Here is the birth preparation for dads!

With the Hey Papa course you will become a good birth part­ner and learn impor­tant things for the first time with baby.

In four clear­ly laid out mod­ules con­sist­ing of 7 videos, 6 pod­casts, 6 check­lists and 6 arti­cles plus bonus mate­r­i­al, you will find out every­thing you should know about becom­ing a father. You get clear con­tent, avail­able any­time and any­where, unlim­it­ed use for 12 months — no sub­scrip­tion trap.

Hey Papa

The partner antenatal course

by Keleya

Here is the birth preparation for dads!

What you can expect from the Hey Papa course:

Help with wor­ries and fears from our mid­wives
Sup­port­ive part­ner yoga exer­cis­es
How can you accom­pa­ny your part­ner dur­ing the birth
How do you grow into the role of a father
Parental leave reg­u­la­tions, legal mat­ters and things worth know­ing about look­ing for a kinder­garten place
Sex­u­al­i­ty dur­ing preg­nan­cy and after­wards with Dr. med. Sheila de Liz
Pack­ing list for the clin­ic bag
Appli­ca­tions and to-do’s before the birth
Ini­tial equip­ment for the baby
Baby equip­ment: what do you real­ly need?
Which place of birth is the right one? From Dr. med. Judith Bil­dau
Mid­wife tips
The puer­peri­um, tips from mid­wife Ammelie Suer­mann
Baby care with mid­wife Helen Mulsow

Why do you even need a prenatal class for fathers?

Your wife is preg­nant, you are becom­ing a fam­i­ly and you do not know what to expect? There is a lot of infor­ma­tion about preg­nan­cy, child­birth, child­birth and the first time with a baby and you don’t know what is right for you as par­ents-to-be? Per­haps you are ask­ing your­self ques­tions such as: “Where can we find a mid­wife?”, “Does“ man ”need a birth prepa­ra­tion course?”, “Which admin­is­tra­tive pro­ce­dures are nec­es­sary and which clin­ic is the best?”, Many fathers-to-be also ask them­selves what the chal­lenges are Approach­ing her with a new­born in the first time and what hap­pens to the rela­tion­ship as a cou­ple. Per­haps you are also a lit­tle afraid of becom­ing a father?

Do not wor­ry! With the Hey Papa part­ner birth prepa­ra­tion course from Keleya, we accom­pa­ny you through this excit­ing time and all chal­lenges. You will learn how to best sup­port your part­ner dur­ing preg­nan­cy, child­birth and after­wards. You will also receive sim­ple and valu­able tips from our mid­wife Helen on deal­ing with pain in labor and valu­able infor­ma­tion on baby care. This makes it easy for you to become a reli­able birth part­ner and baby pro­fes­sion­al! After all, good prepa­ra­tion is every­thing — we are here for you.

More infor­ma­tion is avail­able here:

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